Cago is a senior in Music Technology at UIUC, and has been producing, recording, and mixing music for 5 years. His first concert, and artist debut happened on #July 15th– where his manager (@visionoutloud) flew him out to L.A. to perform at the Hate Dies, Love Arrives concert. He would go on to perform “Get Away” and “Mars or A.I”. The concert was cancelled due to a bomb threat shortly after he performed. However, there were 50,000 concurrent livestream viewers during Cago’s performance, and 1.9 million total viewers before the official video was taken down due to copyright infringement. Here is a re-post of that video:

Immediately after performing the official Get Away video was released, having been shot a couple of months earlier:

Due to the unusual circumstances of the concert, and the fact that is was promoted by YouTubers, it became quite the trending topic…

Here is PewDiePie amusingly calling Cago “Little Man Bun” to over 10 million viewers while discussing why the concert didn’t go so smoothly:

As millions of YouTubers were watching and discussing #july15th, Cago also caught the eye of another major YouTuber and Influencer, Gary Vee!

Gary Vee inspires Cago to release 5 songs in a week, and to commit to putting out lots of new music this year!.

Back at the University of Illinois, the Music Technology Department asked for Cago’s expertise to direct the hiring of four of it’s new Music Technology Professors…

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